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NPR on a research database of autistics

National Public Radio featured a story today about a group that invites families with autistic kids and adults to put their info into a database which is used by researchers needing subjects for study.

The Interactive Autism Network was set up two years ago by  Kennedy Krieger Institute, a research center in Baltimore, with funding from Autism Speaks, a nonprofit advocacy group.

Our family has been in a number of genetic studies conducted at Washington University by Dr. John Constantino and others.  The pace has slowed down in recent years though. This NPR report suggests that more funding will be coming for autism studies through the federal  stimulus package.

As I’ve said before, I am hoping to see a shift in study focus from genetics to environmental causes.  An epidemic can’t have solely genetic causes.

More work needed

Hi folks,
Mike’s behavior hasn’t been good recently. He isn’t getting enough sleep for one thing, and I am thinking we haven’t turned over every stone yet in this quest for healing. So I am going to:

  • pursue the question of mercury toxicity using a hair test, as suggested by a commenter to this blog and the protocol of Andy Cutler, and
  • give cod liver oil, which I personally have responded to very well, as suggested by another commenter to this blog according to the senate testimony of Mary Megson, MD, about how it can help mitigate damage caused by vaccine toxins.

Stay tuned and keep up the comments! Thanks!!