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Trying N.A.E.T. for Shannon

Hey, I’m up for trying new stuff, don’t know about you. My criterion for new treatments of my children is this:  can it hurt them? If the answer is no, and the price is right, I’ll consider it.

So a friend of mine is a practitioner of N.A.E.T. She says this Chinese medicine theory treatment ( including acupressure) helps people with autism as well as those with a host of other immune-system-related issues, especially allergies. (Did you know that allergies, athsma, and autism are all epidemics right now, and they may be connected?)  My friend says people who try N.A.E.T. never get worse. Sometimes they get a lot better, sometimes a little bit.  She’s been a practitioner for at least 10 years and has lots of experience. In a previous career she was an RN.

My daughter “Shannon” is game to try it. She’s 21 years old, has Asperger’s, sensory sensitivities, difficulty knowing what someone else is thinking.

Shannon had two sessions so far.  Right after the next one, she will have to totally avoid a couple of possible allergens for 25 hours. One of them is feathers, and we have two pet birds, so Shannon will have to avoid the part of the house where the birds are.

We’ll keep you posted.

Mike’s summary of his life, circa 2005


I ran across this summary of his life that Mike wrote in about 2005, 6th grade. He was a very unhappy person at the time. Here is what it says:

Time line: “Baptism  Bullies  Now”

“I was born in 1992, as a triplet at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital. At my sisters birthday one year, we saw Lord of the Rings. It scared me to death.

“Now, I am constantly being bullied, both at home and at school. My life is hardly ever happy.”

The actual case was that he was having some social difficulties at home and at school, but he certainly couldn’t really blame it all on others. He was quite an instigator too.

But the truth shines out here: he was desperately unhappy.

I am so glad that that is not the case any more.  He is relaxed and able to enjoy life to a great extent. He gets along well with at least one of his brothers.  And his handwriting is a lot easier to read, too. Praise the Lord who heals!

–Phyllis Wheeler

More work needed

Hi folks,
Mike’s behavior hasn’t been good recently. He isn’t getting enough sleep for one thing, and I am thinking we haven’t turned over every stone yet in this quest for healing. So I am going to:

  • pursue the question of mercury toxicity using a hair test, as suggested by a commenter to this blog and the protocol of Andy Cutler, and
  • give cod liver oil, which I personally have responded to very well, as suggested by another commenter to this blog according to the senate testimony of Mary Megson, MD, about how it can help mitigate damage caused by vaccine toxins.

Stay tuned and keep up the comments! Thanks!!