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Does vaccination protect your child from whooping cough?

Are vaccines actually effective?

The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) in Washington, D.C., is an official government committee advising the national vaccine program. Its June meeting spent a lot of time discussing a pertussis outbreak in Washington State, where Charles DeBolt, representing the Washington state Department of Health, reported questions from parents.

“According to Dr. DeBolt the state has been ‘flooded by phone calls’ from parents, stating that their child was up-to-date on pertussis vaccination and had still contracted pertussis. Dr. DeBolt also reported to the NVAC that Washington continues to have high vaccination rates and vaccine exemptions for school age children overall were only 4%.”  This report comes from Theresa Wangram, reporting for the National Vaccine Information Center.

Ms. Wangram said she contacted the Washington Department of Health in May to request information on rates of pertussis among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations in Washington. She was told that numbers were not yet available. Also, she noted that at the NVAC meeting the CDC’s Dr. Tom Clark reported that, “while uptake of the pertussis vaccine is high and has reduced pertussis in some populations, increased uptake has not translated into decreased mortality among infants.”

Interesting food for thought!


Italian court declares a vaccine caused autism in 1 case

An Italian judge has sided with the parents in a case where the MMR vaccine stood trial for causing autism and 100 percent disability in a child. Apparently the child became sick the same day as taking the vaccine and never recovered.

The U.S. news media has failed to pick up on this news, while the Italian newspaper scolded the judge for encouraging measles epidemics.

Where is investigative journalism? If investigative journalism were functioning in this age of the waning newspaper, a reporter could make it very clear that the question of vaccines causing autism has not been proven one way or the other, but a British researcher, Andrew Wakefield, has been vilified beyond all reason. Instead, the media is parroting what the vaccine makers want to hear. Huge pharmaceutical companies are shielded by liability laws on vaccines and are generating more and more of them, while convincing those on review boards that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Studies do seem to show that the measles vaccine in the MMR does not cause autism, and that the mercury that used to be prevalent in vaccines does not cause autism. These results are in dispute by knowledgeable scientists. And there are no other studies that show that vaccines are safe. So what about the aluminum in the vaccines? A study found a correlation there. And requiring too many, too soon?  If you let your kids be vaccinated on schedule, you’re participating in a vast experiment. And when bad things happen, you may get tarred and feathered.

Look at who’s making the money!


Google translation ( a little rough, but you can get the idea):

Autism. Court of Rimini: “Blame the vaccine.” Ministry ordered to pay compensation

The court granted the appeal by parents of a child who, according to the prosecution, would become autistic after vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella. Asked for compensation to the Ministry of Health. Sites, FIMMG, FIMP and Sip: “Judgment based on false science.”

The vaccine in question is the one against measles, mumps and rubella. According to the parents, in fact, the symptoms of autism in their child would have arisen just after inoculation. Even the same day, as stated in the judgment. Returning dall’Auls of Riccione, March 26, 2004, the child would begin to show worrisome symptoms (diarrhea and nervousness), while between 2004 and 2005 would have appeared signs of severe psychological and physical discomfort to the recognition, August 31, 2007, total and permanent disability to 100%. Whether this was due to vaccinations you practice the specialist Niglio already stated in June 2008 and to confirm it arrived a year later, the specialist Montanari.

That this condition was due “with reasonable scientific probability” to the administration of the vaccine MPR occurred at the ASL in Riccione was then the medical-legal evaluation of the auxiliary, that judges must be upheld. Established, therefore, that the child has been harmed by the irreversible complications due to vaccination, the court ordered the Ministry of Health to pay the compensation.

The judge, according to these experts, should have “apparently” based on “what is published, now 14 years ago, the Lancet, and subsequently withdrawn by the obvious lack of foundation of what was initially proposed by a group of British researchers.”

The known medical journal Lancet has officially withdrawn because the study on possible links between autism and MMR trivalent vaccine. The article, published in 1998 and written by British doctor Andrew Wakefield, was due to a long scientific dispute lasted almost 12 years. Wakefield claimed that the vaccine was due to intestinal infections, in turn linked to Kanner’s syndrome. His claims were discredited by the scientific world, and were at the base of one of the most important disputes in the history of medicine: “Unfortunately – says the Scientific Board – the false thesis proposals led to a strong decrease in the number of vaccinations in the United States, in Great Britain and other parts of Europe, with the result, in many cases disastrous, a sudden increase of cases of measles and its complications, including several cases of encephalitis and death. “

Speaking of toxins, how about heavy metals in the vaccines?

If toxins in our environment are all piling together and overwhelming young immune systems to cause autism, as writers are now saying, it seems logical that we should take a very good look not only at things we eat or touch, but at contaminants that are pumped into the blood.

It is simply not true what the media like to say, that vaccines have been proven safe. The matter has not even been studied, except down two avenues of many possible avenues. Those two avenues: the measles virus in the MMR vaccine is shown not to cause autism, and the mercury in vaccines was shown not to cause autism (with study results hotly disputed because evidence was apparently excluded). What about aluminum in vaccines? What about multiple viruses in multiple vaccines overwhelming young immune systems? In fact, a study paid for by concerned parent groups shows a correlation between autism and cumulative exposure to aluminum in vaccines.

Some parents are going to court to get a fair hearing. A court is taking up the case of an autistic boy whose parents blame his vaccines. In the news: the boy wins a round.

Source: vaccine study finding correlation between aluminum in vaccines and autism:

Our toxic environment

The media are finally beginning to make a connection between the unbridled use of toxins in our environment and autism. One catalyst is a book, Brita Belli’s The Autism Puzzle, consists of a “terrifying look at the chemicals we eat, drink and breathe” which is “guaranteed to make your hair stand on end,” according to writer Eleanor J. Bader at

Worried about 1 in 88 children with autism now? You should be. Belli traced geographical clusters of autism cases and found higher incidence near sources of environmental pollution. “Research, Belli writes, ‘made a solid case for the fact that toxins in combination can have a unique impact on the way brains develop. It is likely not one bodily insult that’s driving up [autism] cases, but a number of contaminants and exposures acting in concert.’”

So, you may have been thinking that the laws of the United States were protecting you from environmental toxins. This is not the case.

“That there are approximately 1,300 Superfund sites on the National Priorities List—200 of them in New Jersey, the state with the highest autism rates—should both give us pause and make us furious since we know who is responsible for fouling the air, water and soil—unscrupulous businesses.”

Well, I think that businesses will do what the law allows them to do, because they are competing against other businesses doing that too. So what needs to change is the law, currently “toothless.”

“The Toxic Substances Control Act was first passed in 1976 and has remained essentially unchanged—that is, toothless–for 36 years. When the Act passed Congress it grandfathered in 62,000 chemicals, in essence giving a free pass to known toxins such as trichloroethylene and BPA.

“To remedy this, Senator Frank Lautenberg has introduced the Safe Chemicals Act (S. 847), which would, for the first time, require industry to provide information on the health and safety of chemicals in order for them to be introduced or remain on the market. It would further allow the EPA to take immediate action on hazardous chemicals including lead, mercury and flame retardants.”

You can let your senators know that you want them to support this act. This website will help you contact your senators.

Source of Bader article:

Things need to change at the FDA and EPA to keep our kids safe

Here is what I wrote a few days ago to Sen. Roy Blunt, who’s on the Senate Agriculture Committee and therefore has some influence over the EPA and FDA. He is also a senator from my state.

Hi Roy,
I wanted to continue to press you for change in the way that chemicals are permitted into our environment. Did you know that a human fetus is exposed to 100 times as many chemicals now as 50 years ago? Environmental exposure to chemicals (for genetically susceptible individuals) is surely the cause of the autism epidemic. It must be touching your family as well as mine. And it’s getting worse and worse, a 78 percent increase in the past five years according to Dr. Mercola.

An article by a respected doctor from Utah caught my eye. Utah has the highest autism rate in the nation, and the drinking water contains a lot of mercury, said Dr. Brian Moench. Dr. Muench blames toxins for the autism epidemic and for the honeybee die-off. Apparently some studies are showing that new insecticides are to blame for the disoriented and dying honeybees. As a member of the agriculture committee I am sure you are aware that our food supply depends on pollinators.

Please take a look at this article.

And also, please do something. I am particularly distressed because I hear from people through my blog who are uneducated and don’t have any idea what to do for their autistic children. You, as the face of our government, are not protecting them. Or me either.

Do vaccines cause autism? A cover up…

Biotechnologist Brian Hooker, Ph.D., has an autistic child. Unlike the national media who have been swallowing the drug companies’ line about vaccines being safe, Dr. Hooker wondered whether vaccines might have contributed to his son’s autism, and he mounted an investigation.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, he requested evidence and emails concerning the Denmark study that supposedly shows vaccines have no effect on autism rates. He discovered a pattern of deception at the CDC, which he details in an article in the online newspaper Age of Autism, see below. When mercury was removed from vaccines, the data showed a reduction in the rate of autism. This data that was excluded from the final study report.

And there’s Brian Jepson, M.D., also a parent of an autistic child. He’s also investigated the research put forth by those who say vaccines are safe, with similar results. He also says vaccines as currently mandated are not proven safe. There are many other well-educated voices out there as well, pointing out major faults in the research being trumpeted by many in the media as showing vaccines are safe.

Of course the problem is that vaccine proponents are spearheaded by multi-billion-dollar companies that spread their money around the government. These drug companies make a lot of money from vaccines, the more vaccines, the more money. They are shielded from risk by friendly laws our government enacted for them. You can’t even sue them if your child has a provable vaccine injury. If you can prove cause and effect, you might get a payment from an injury fund. But it’s a small payment.

What about the logic problem in this debate? If you take the pro-vaccine studies as published, you would conclude that mercury in vaccines is safe, that the measles virus in the MMR vaccine is safe, and that’s all. There have been no other studies proving anything about vaccine safety. What about aluminum, another toxic ingredient? A study (paid for by a parent group) shows a correlation with aluminum exposure from vaccines and autism.  What about the effect of multiple viruses injected all at once into an immature immune system? No one knows. The vaccine schedule now requires many multiple exposures like this. There is NO study showing that multiple exposures are safe for young children. The new vaccines are all tested one by one.

Are you concerned that the study showing a correlation between autism and aluminum in vaccines was paid for by parents of autistic kids and is therefore biased? Did you know that ALL drug and vaccine studies are paid for by the manufacturer of the drug or vaccine, under our broken system? There are NO independent studies.

I believe the autism-vaccine link needs a lot more study, and that the media need to stop being shills for the drug companies. What  needs changing most of all is the system for approving drugs and vaccines, to protect public safety. I created a petition at “Vaccines and Autism: Investivate!”  Please sign it, and tell your friends.   Did you know that Trayvon Martin’s case came to prominence through a petition?


Changing the Course of Autism by Brian Jepson, M.D., published 2007 by Sentient Publications, 358 pages

We live in a chemical soup, leading to autism and to extinction of honeybees

An article on describes the chemical contaminants we live with (100 times more chemical exposures than 50 years ago) and points to two results: the autism epidemic and the imminent extinction of the honeybee. Are they linked?

The article is written by Dr. Brian Moench, president of  Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment and a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

First of all, we all know about the autism epidemic, now 1 in 88 (but far higher in Utah, where Dr. Moench lives). This is alarming enough. What about the humble honeybee? Actually, our food supply depends on the humble honeybee for pollination. Studies are showing that new insecticides are likely to blame for the fact that colonies are collapsing right and left (see Dr. Moench’s footnotes for details).

Dr. Moench uses the same logic arguments I have been using to point out that the autism epidemic cannot possibly have solely genetic causes, simply because genetics don’t change that quickly. And in fact, studies show our exposures to toxins, particularly in utero, have increased 100 fold in the past 50 years. Those with an underlying genetic susceptibility are apparently the ones whose kids become autistic.

And what is the genetic susceptibility? Dr. Moench identifies it in the detoxification pathway for the body. Studies show “mothers of autistic children and autistic children themselves have a high rate of a genetic deficiency in the production of glutathione, an antioxidant and the body’s primary means of detoxifying heavy metals. High levels of toxic metals in children are strongly correlated with the severity of autism.” Perhaps the reason for the highest autism rate in the nation in Utah is the high mercury content of Great Salt Lake, he suggests.

Where does all this lead us? Advisors like Dr. Mercola suggest we avoid this food and that exposure, don’t have vinyl flooring, don’t use beverage or or food cans containing BPA, space out the vaccinations (many of which contain toxic aluminum), and so on and so forth. Put the autistic kids on a gluten-free, casein-free diet and give them precisely tailored supplements that help their bodies detoxify.

But what about the people who aren’t educated and informed? I am very concerned about the average American. I think we need to address the regulatory bodies that are allowing companies to pollute our world with chemicals, many of these bodies filled with conflicts of interest, and also operating on outdated scientific principles of toxicology rather than  microbiology.  Specifically, Congress is in charge of the FDA and the EPA. We need to ask Congress to reformulate these bodies so that they protect the average citizen, not the average company.

I am particularly interested in proper investigation of the vaccine hypothesis, and I created a petition at “Vaccines and Autism: Investivate!”  Please sign it, and tell your friends.   Did you know that Trayvon Martin’s case came to prominence through a petition?


Could the government EVER admit that vaccines cause autism?

I’m copying a comment on another blog, Age of Autism. Ann Dachel has articulated the underlying problem in the autism-vaccine controversy:

There is one topic that is NEVER talked about in news stories on autism–and I mean NEVER. You’ll never hear any reporter speculate on the possibility that many people have lots of reasons to cover up what vaccine are doing to kids. It would sound something like, “The U.S. government mandates the vaccine program so of course they would be held responsible if a link is clearly recognized.” To many people this is the unthinkable.

To any thinking person this is obvious but we never seem to bring up the topic. Instead we pretend that this is just about the science and that officials have left no stone unturned in their pursuit of the cause.

This came from a posting where Dan E. Burns describes sitting in a coverup conference for industries that made Agent Orange. Substitute vaccines for Agent Orange, and you may have a picture of what’s happening in industry and government trying to cover up their tail ends.


Finally, a study comparing autism rates and vaccine use…

Some Canadians have done the study I’ve been hoping for, comparing autism rates and vaccine use. They’re from the University of British Columbia, and they published it in November in the  Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry.

These scientists, led by L. Tomljenovic and C.A. Shaw, focus on the aluminum used in the vaccines. Aluminum is a neurotoxin, and there’s a significant amount of it in a vaccine, enough to harm an adult who gets several vaccines, they said. “If exposure to Al from only few vaccines can lead to cognitive impairment and autoimmunity in adults, is it unreasonable to question whether the current pediatric schedules, often containing 18 Al adjuvanted vaccines, are safe for children?” reads their abstract.

The scientists correlated number and age of aluminum-containing vaccines against autism rates. They found a consistent statistically significant correlation across several populations, enough to think that the aluminum-containing vaccines could be causing autism. Further studies are warranted, said the abstract.

Why has it taken so long for someone to ask this question and then create a study to find the answer? Our research system in the U.S. is controlled by those with the money, the drug companies who are merrily churning out more and more vaccines. This has meant no significant study until now of the too-many, too-soon theory. That theory supposes that too many vaccines at too young an age could be to blame for the autism epidemic, which seems to coincide with the rise in the number of required vaccines.

So it’s taken some Canadians, funded by parent groups, to do this study. The groups funding the study are:

* The Katlyn Fox Foundation, “a parent-founded charitable foundation focused on raising funds for independent scientific research into the safety and efficacy of children’s vaccines. The funds will go directly to independent medical researchers as well as vaccine awareness groups.” Katlyn Fox was a 22-month-old child whose parents believe died as the result of taking vaccines.

* The Albert and Claire Dwoskin Family Foundation, an nonprofit that has supported the National Vaccine Information Center in the past.

I am guessing that vaccine proponents and unthinking people in the media will dismiss this study because of its funding, and continue to trumpet the line that people who criticize the vaccine schedules are foolish. But they don’t dismiss all the other studies funded by vaccine makers, who obviously have a stake in the outcome. (Note: those limited previous studies answer only two questions, whether the measles virus in the MMR shot causes autism, and whether the mercury ingredient that used to be in most vaccines causes autism. The answer to those questions seems to be no. But what about all the other things that could be adverse about too many vaccines, too soon? Such as aluminum and other ingredients?) I wish people would get fully educated on the issue.

See the study: “Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?

The FDA: corrupt? What can we do about it?

I am worried that the FDA is corrupt, bought by the very people it is supposed to be policing, the drug companies. Here’s my evidence: a study just published by the British Medical Journal (a peer-reviewed journal) tracking the number of drug studies funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health against the number of studies whose results are actually reported.

The study found that less than half of studies funded by the NIH are reported publicly within 2 1/2 years of completion. And after four years, one-third remained unpublished. We can guess why: the drug manufacturers didn’t like the data.

Now, there are plenty of drug studies that are funded by the drug manufacturers, and who knows how many of those results are being suppressed as well if they aren’t “pretty.”

The BMJ study looked at Avandia, a diabetes drug manufactured by Glaxo-Smith-Kline, found to be too dangerous in 2007. The study found that 35 of the 42 studies on the drug were never published. The FDA approved the drug nevertheless.

Now, why am I talking about this topic on my Curing Autism Blog? Because I suspect a link between too many vaccines, too soon, and autism in certain individuals with a genetic predisposition. Contrary to what vaccine proponents say, vaccine safety has never been proven. Studies seem to show that mercury in vaccines doesn’t cause autism, and that the measles virus in the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism. But the too-many, too-soon hypothesis has no proof either way. And there could be other things about vaccines that cause autism. We just don’t know whether they are safe. And with plenty of anecdotal evidence, we have reason to suspect they are not.

Why are our children getting too many vaccines, including some for relatively mild diseases? Is the FDA permitting this because it has been bought by the drug companies, which stand to rake in the profits on any new vaccine? Vaccines are profitable because the law protects the manufacturers from lawsuits if the vaccine hurts people. We, the people, take the risk. But the drug companies get the money.

Another issue that greatly concerns me is the FDA’s initiative to take control of food supplements. It’s totally incompetent at controlling drugs, so I can expect the supplements that I and two of my children depend on will either become unavailable or will skyrocket in cost. There is just no reason for it, other than to bow to the interests of the drug companies, which would surely like to see supplements go away.

If this concerns you and you wonder what it will take to rein in the FDA, go to the Alliance for Natural Health website and write a letter to the President and your Congress people asking them to take action to reformulate the FDA. If enough of us do this, things can change.

Source: British Medical Journal article

Summary of the BMJ article and Alliance for Natural Health call to action: