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Do vaccines cause autism? A cover up…

Biotechnologist Brian Hooker, Ph.D., has an autistic child. Unlike the national media who have been swallowing the drug companies’ line about vaccines being safe, Dr. Hooker wondered whether vaccines might have contributed to his son’s autism, and he mounted an investigation.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, he requested evidence and emails concerning the Denmark study that supposedly shows vaccines have no effect on autism rates. He discovered a pattern of deception at the CDC, which he details in an article in the online newspaper Age of Autism, see below. When mercury was removed from vaccines, the data showed a reduction in the rate of autism. This data that was excluded from the final study report.

And there’s Brian Jepson, M.D., also a parent of an autistic child. He’s also investigated the research put forth by those who say vaccines are safe, with similar results. He also says vaccines as currently mandated are not proven safe. There are many other well-educated voices out there as well, pointing out major faults in the research being trumpeted by many in the media as showing vaccines are safe.

Of course the problem is that vaccine proponents are spearheaded by multi-billion-dollar companies that spread their money around the government. These drug companies make a lot of money from vaccines, the more vaccines, the more money. They are shielded from risk by friendly laws our government enacted for them. You can’t even sue them if your child has a provable vaccine injury. If you can prove cause and effect, you might get a payment from an injury fund. But it’s a small payment.

What about the logic problem in this debate? If you take the pro-vaccine studies as published, you would conclude that mercury in vaccines is safe, that the measles virus in the MMR vaccine is safe, and that’s all. There have been no other studies proving anything about vaccine safety. What about aluminum, another toxic ingredient? A study (paid for by a parent group) shows a correlation with aluminum exposure from vaccines and autism.  What about the effect of multiple viruses injected all at once into an immature immune system? No one knows. The vaccine schedule now requires many multiple exposures like this. There is NO study showing that multiple exposures are safe for young children. The new vaccines are all tested one by one.

Are you concerned that the study showing a correlation between autism and aluminum in vaccines was paid for by parents of autistic kids and is therefore biased? Did you know that ALL drug and vaccine studies are paid for by the manufacturer of the drug or vaccine, under our broken system? There are NO independent studies.

I believe the autism-vaccine link needs a lot more study, and that the media need to stop being shills for the drug companies. What  needs changing most of all is the system for approving drugs and vaccines, to protect public safety. I created a petition at Change.org: “Vaccines and Autism: Investivate!”  Please sign it, and tell your friends.   Did you know that Trayvon Martin’s case came to prominence through a Change.org petition?





Changing the Course of Autism by Brian Jepson, M.D., published 2007 by Sentient Publications, 358 pages

Scandal exposed in mercury-autism research

Our doctors told us that studies showed mercury in vaccines doesn’t cause autism, and studies showed the measles virus in the MMR vaccine doesn’t cause autism. Therefore, they concluded, vaccines don’t cause autism. (What about the 98 zillion other possible things in all vaccines that could be wrong?) Aside from this faulty logic, now it looks like the mercury in vaccines DID possibly cause autism, a fact known to some at the CDC at the time. And the mercury still in the flu shots.

What’s happened? Through the Freedom of Information Act, a citizen advocacy group has obtained copies of CDC emails to vaccine researchers that seem to show a coverup of research results. The actual research results showed that autism rates in the controversial Danish study dropped after the mercury was removed, although the resulting article claimed the rates increased.  The advocacy group, The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs, is demanding that the journal Pediatrics retract the resulting article, and that the CDC launch an investigation.

So what else is being covered up for the benefit of those who profit from vaccines?

This is my kids we’re talking about, two out of four on the autism spectrum, all vaccinated on schedule to the hilt with thimerosal and everything else in the vaccine proponents’ arsenal at the time. Say, isn’t the government supposed to be protecting us? Grr.


CDC authorizes studies of autism and vaccines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has adopted a five-year vaccine research agenda that finally points federally funded researchers toward studying whether vaccines cause autism.

Those in the autism community have been arguing for years now about whether vaccines might somehow cause autism, some citing studies that seem to exonerate vaccines, and others pointing out flaws in the studies. Meanwhile, anecdotal evidence is overwhelming: many, many parents report autism in their child immediately following a routine vaccination.

I along with many others have been pushing for a simple population study of autism outcomes in vaccinated vs unvaccinated groups, to settle the question.  I am so glad to see the likelihood of this increasing, with the CDC’s change of stance. In the new plan, the CDC calls for convening an expert panel to determine the feasibility of studying autism in populations of children who are vaccinated and who are unvaccinated.

Just a month ago, a federal government’s autism study committee called for a shift in research priorities away from looking at genetic causes for autism toward environmental triggers. he Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) said possible triggers might include toxins, biological agents, and “adverse events following immunization.”

This shift toward looking at environmental triggers is long overdue, as well. In funding genetic research only, the government has ignored the fact that there is an epidemic (with 1 in 100 children getting an autism diagnosis), and genetics alone can’t cause epidemics.

The CDC will also authorize studies of mitochondrial dysfunction and “neurological deterioration” that may follow vaccination.


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