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Environmental contaminants are to blame for autism

I have been convinced for a while now that a variety of environmental contaminants are to blame for the autism epidemic. (Think it’s questionable whether there’s an epidemic? Read here.)

For years, the research money chased the hypothesis that autism is genetic, and looked for the genes. Well, in some cases, it is genetic. But there’s no such thing as an epidemic that’s genetic. Think about it. It’s a contradiction in terms. If you go back a generation or two, you still have the same genes, but not the epidemic, because the way we define the word epidemic: it’s an event that’s catastrophic.

Now research money is flowing toward some limited environmental hypotheses, and there are starting to be some results. I believe that the autistic individual’s system cannot process toxins very normally, causing a buildup of toxins that eventually causes big problems. Detox is a big part of treatment, or should be.

Now, if you’re me, you’re trying to protect your kids from toxins. The FDA and the EPA certainly aren’t; they’ve been bought by the big companies and associations with big bucks. How else to explain that it’s perfectly fine and legal for your dentist to fill your kid’s mouth with mercury?

One big way is to provide your family with carbon-filtered drinking water. The EPA provides limits on many toxins in our water supply, but some amounts of toxins are allowed. And that’s just the toxins the EPA has decided to regulate. There are many, many more that it ignores. We are actually living in a toxic soup. The government should be protecting us but isn’t.

I decided to get a home water filter three or four years ago, and did some research on the best ones. I found Multipure, a company in Nevada that makes its filters here in the U.S. to exacting quality standards and gives them a warranty for life. We’ve been enjoying our Multipure filtered water. I wanted to let you know about it in case you were interested in checking this out too. http://www.safe-water-4-u.com/

Source on mercury fillings: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/09/10/americans-unaware-that-silver-fillings-are-50-percent-mercury.aspx

Things need to change at the FDA and EPA to keep our kids safe

Here is what I wrote a few days ago to Sen. Roy Blunt, who’s on the Senate Agriculture Committee and therefore has some influence over the EPA and FDA. He is also a senator from my state.

Hi Roy,
I wanted to continue to press you for change in the way that chemicals are permitted into our environment. Did you know that a human fetus is exposed to 100 times as many chemicals now as 50 years ago? Environmental exposure to chemicals (for genetically susceptible individuals) is surely the cause of the autism epidemic. It must be touching your family as well as mine. And it’s getting worse and worse, a 78 percent increase in the past five years according to Dr. Mercola.

An article by a respected doctor from Utah caught my eye. Utah has the highest autism rate in the nation, and the drinking water contains a lot of mercury, said Dr. Brian Moench. Dr. Muench blames toxins for the autism epidemic and for the honeybee die-off. Apparently some studies are showing that new insecticides are to blame for the disoriented and dying honeybees. As a member of the agriculture committee I am sure you are aware that our food supply depends on pollinators.

Please take a look at this article. http://truth-out.org/news/item/8586-the-autism-epidemic-and-disappearing-bees-a-common-denominator

And also, please do something. I am particularly distressed because I hear from people through my blog who are uneducated and don’t have any idea what to do for their autistic children. You, as the face of our government, are not protecting them. Or me either.