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Environmental contaminants are to blame for autism

I have been convinced for a while now that a variety of environmental contaminants are to blame for the autism epidemic. (Think it’s questionable whether there’s an epidemic? Read here.)

For years, the research money chased the hypothesis that autism is genetic, and looked for the genes. Well, in some cases, it is genetic. But there’s no such thing as an epidemic that’s genetic. Think about it. It’s a contradiction in terms. If you go back a generation or two, you still have the same genes, but not the epidemic, because the way we define the word epidemic: it’s an event that’s catastrophic.

Now research money is flowing toward some limited environmental hypotheses, and there are starting to be some results. I believe that the autistic individual’s system cannot process toxins very normally, causing a buildup of toxins that eventually causes big problems. Detox is a big part of treatment, or should be.

Now, if you’re me, you’re trying to protect your kids from toxins. The FDA and the EPA certainly aren’t; they’ve been bought by the big companies and associations with big bucks. How else to explain that it’s perfectly fine and legal for your dentist to fill your kid’s mouth with mercury?

One big way is to provide your family with carbon-filtered drinking water. The EPA provides limits on many toxins in our water supply, but some amounts of toxins are allowed. And that’s just the toxins the EPA has decided to regulate. There are many, many more that it ignores. We are actually living in a toxic soup. The government should be protecting us but isn’t.

I decided to get a home water filter three or four years ago, and did some research on the best ones. I found Multipure, a company in Nevada that makes its filters here in the U.S. to exacting quality standards and gives them a warranty for life. We’ve been enjoying our Multipure filtered water. I wanted to let you know about it in case you were interested in checking this out too. http://www.safe-water-4-u.com/

Source on mercury fillings: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/09/10/americans-unaware-that-silver-fillings-are-50-percent-mercury.aspx

We live in a chemical soup, leading to autism and to extinction of honeybees

An article on TruthOut.org describes the chemical contaminants we live with (100 times more chemical exposures than 50 years ago) and points to two results: the autism epidemic and the imminent extinction of the honeybee. Are they linked?

The article is written by Dr. Brian Moench, president of  Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment and a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

First of all, we all know about the autism epidemic, now 1 in 88 (but far higher in Utah, where Dr. Moench lives). This is alarming enough. What about the humble honeybee? Actually, our food supply depends on the humble honeybee for pollination. Studies are showing that new insecticides are likely to blame for the fact that colonies are collapsing right and left (see Dr. Moench’s footnotes for details).

Dr. Moench uses the same logic arguments I have been using to point out that the autism epidemic cannot possibly have solely genetic causes, simply because genetics don’t change that quickly. And in fact, studies show our exposures to toxins, particularly in utero, have increased 100 fold in the past 50 years. Those with an underlying genetic susceptibility are apparently the ones whose kids become autistic.

And what is the genetic susceptibility? Dr. Moench identifies it in the detoxification pathway for the body. Studies show “mothers of autistic children and autistic children themselves have a high rate of a genetic deficiency in the production of glutathione, an antioxidant and the body’s primary means of detoxifying heavy metals. High levels of toxic metals in children are strongly correlated with the severity of autism.” Perhaps the reason for the highest autism rate in the nation in Utah is the high mercury content of Great Salt Lake, he suggests.

Where does all this lead us? Advisors like Dr. Mercola suggest we avoid this food and that exposure, don’t have vinyl flooring, don’t use beverage or or food cans containing BPA, space out the vaccinations (many of which contain toxic aluminum), and so on and so forth. Put the autistic kids on a gluten-free, casein-free diet and give them precisely tailored supplements that help their bodies detoxify.

But what about the people who aren’t educated and informed? I am very concerned about the average American. I think we need to address the regulatory bodies that are allowing companies to pollute our world with chemicals, many of these bodies filled with conflicts of interest, and also operating on outdated scientific principles of toxicology rather than  microbiology.  Specifically, Congress is in charge of the FDA and the EPA. We need to ask Congress to reformulate these bodies so that they protect the average citizen, not the average company.

I am particularly interested in proper investigation of the vaccine hypothesis, and I created a petition at Change.org: “Vaccines and Autism: Investivate!”  Please sign it, and tell your friends.   Did you know that Trayvon Martin’s case came to prominence through a Change.org petition?